What Are Examples of Religious Fundamentalism?

examples-religious-fundamentalism Credit: Mariya Bibikova/E+/Getty Images

In the United States, examples of religious fundamentalism include introducing religious ideas into public schools and textbooks, passing laws based on religious ideals, and making corporate policies based on religious values. Examples of religious fundamentalism vary by country and culture. However, unlike in the United States, not all governments are defined by a separation of church and state.

The broad term of fundamentalism applies to any group of any religion that views secular culture as an infraction upon human morality and seeks to restore a conservative system of values in line with religious beliefs.

Although fundamentalism in a broad sense is often related to the blurring of government and religion, it can also apply to those instances in which private institutions violate people's civil rights in the interest of religion. In the United States, there is a Fundamentalist Christian movement that is specifically associated with the Protestant religion. Fundamentalist Christians are primarily focused on what they consider to be the primary tenets of Christianity: Jesus Christ was the son of God and upon being resurrected was taken to Heaven; it is impossible to be granted entrance into Heaven without professing Jesus Christ as Lord and savior; and the Bible is a completely accurate account of history.