What Are Some Examples of Ratio Word Problems?

An example of a ratio word problem is: “In a bag of candy, there is a ratio of red to green candies of 3:4. If the bag contains 120 pieces of candy, how many red candies are there?” Another example of a ratio word problem is: “A recipe calls for 5 cups of flour for every 2 cups of sugar. To make the recipe with 8 cups of flour, how much sugar should be used?”

When solving ratio word problems, it is important to think of the ratio as a fraction, making sure to put the matching values in the numerator and denominator. Also, the units of measurement need to match in both ratios in order to solve the problem. The first step in solving a ratio word problem is to assign variables to the missing information and then to write the ratio in the form of a fraction with the variable standing in for any missing information. The next step is to set up an equation with the other known ratio in the form of a fraction and to solve for the variable by cross multiplying.

If there are two missing pieces of information in the word problem, two different ratio equations need to be set up. These can then be solved by cross multiplying to find each missing variable.