What Are Some Examples of Positive Affirmations?


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Examples of positive affirmations include, "I am the architect of my life," "I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful," "I radiate beauty, charm, and grace," and "everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good," says clinical psychologist Dr. Carmen Harra. Saying these affirmations out loud daily can increase happiness and confidence and create a calmer mindset.

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Positive affirmations combat negativity by increasing the endorphins in people's brains. Writing affirmations down and speaking them often can rewire a brain and create more feelings of optimism by allowing the speaker to visualize the path to success.

Affirmations can be general or aimed at a specific goal. Huffington Post recommends writing clearly defined, goal-oriented affirmations in future tense. An example of this is, "I will launch my business by August 1, 2016." Next to each affirmation, people should list the action steps needed to complete the task and assign each a due date. Read these affirmations and action steps every day to diminish the fear associated with the goal.

Visibility is important with affirmations; they should be clearly displayed. Ways to keep affirmations top of mind include memorizing them, listening to them on a recording, setting up frequent alerts with the affirmations listed and keeping them written somewhere close to hand.

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