What Are Examples of Obsession?

Typical examples of obsessions are hoarding, fear of germs, and having pervert erotic thoughts. Obsessions also encompass uncertainties in relationships, sexual orientation and even religious matters.

An obsession is a stubborn and habitual thought, which a person is incapable of controlling. This leads a person to anxiety or misery. For example, if a person has the obsessive fear that all tangible things are contaminated with germs, he becomes anxious with thoughts of illness, and even death, causing him to manifest acts of cleaning and sanitizing himself and the things that surround him.

Hoarding is another example of obsession whereby a person refuses to dispose impractical or deteriorated belongings.

Rumination, a sequence of unproductive and persistent thinking about a question or subject, is another example of obsession. Ruminations are often about religious doctrines, philosophical and supernatural topics. A person who ruminates will take the time to acquire answers and even argue about questions such as: “Is there life after death?”; “Who made God?”; “What is the exact quantity of stars in the entire universe?”

Having intrusive thoughts is another example of obsession. A person having this disorder endures thoughts that are distasteful and disturbing in nature. An example of an intrusive sexual thought is fear about having sexual relations with a family member. An example of a relationship-intrusive thought is when a person habitually doubts the fidelity of one’s partner.