What Are Some Examples of What Numbers Mean in Numerology?


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In numerology, the number two often signifies a desire for harmony, while the number five may represent flexibility and the need for adventure. Each single-digit number symbolizes a distinct set of strengths, weaknesses and characteristics that can be used to learn more about a person through various numerology readings.

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A person's life-path number is calculated using his full date of birth and is believed to provide insight into the person's purpose and place in life. For instance, individuals with the life-path number eight typically value financial security as well as spirituality, and these people can usually maintain balance between the two. Eight also represents leadership and authority, practicality, efficiency and success, but can also symbolize intolerance, lack of sensitivity, material greed and aggression..

The expression number in numerology is derived from a person's full birth-given name. This number is thought to represent a person's personality and nature. A person with a name number of four is typically dependable and hard-working with an eye for detail, but often lacks creativity and may appear to show little compassion. The number four symbolizes trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness and an ability to solve problems, but can also represent stubbornness and socially awkward situations.

The digits one through nine are the most frequently used numbers in numerology, but other numbers are symbolic as well. The numbers 11 and 22 are considered master numbers in the calculation of life-path numbers Individuals with master numbers follow life paths two and four, but also possess traits associated with the master number.

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