What Are Examples of Myths in the Philippines?

One Tagalog story of creation holds that a kite, which is a type of bird, had no place to land because only ocean and sky existed. The kite stirred the ocean and splashed the sky god, who threw down islands to calm the waters, creating land.

Another Filipino creation myth asserts that in the beginning only the ocean and sky gods existed. Each produced a child who married one another. They had three boys and a girl. When their mother and father passed away, the eldest son was charged with power over the wind. One day the eldest son decided he wanted more power and convinced his brothers to join him in an attack on their grandfather, the sky god Captan. Their efforts were in vain as Captan proved far too powerful and struck them down with lightning. The eldest brother’s body, which was made of rock, shattered into islands and land. The middle brother’s body was gold and melted into a ball that Captan placed in the sky as the sun. The youngest brother was copper and melted into a sphere that became the moon. The sky god, while still enraged, came across his granddaughter and struck her with a lightning bolt as well, shattering her silver body, which turned into the stars.