What Are Some Examples of Medieval Female Names?

Some examples of female names from the Medieval period in Europe include Alice, Margery, Isabel, Sybil and Juliana. The names Joan, Joanna, Christiana, Hawisa and Agnes are other popular female monikers from the Middle Ages. Some less common names from the same period include Adelina, Clarice, and Gundred. In the late Medieval period, the names Elizabeth, Anne, Cecily and Margaret became extremely common and most other female names diminished in popularity.

The Medieval period, which is also called the Middle Ages, lasted from the 5th through 15th centuries across all of Europe, and name trends varied throughout the centuries and across different countries. In the later Medieval period, most people had names chosen from a small pool of acceptable personal names. Name choices were more varied earlier in the Middle Ages. Many names were chosen from saint names and biblical names. Female names in the Medieval period often end in the letter “a” because this sound was added to the end of male names to change them into feminine names.

Names found in Germanic cultures in the early Medieval period include Audovera, Brunhild, Beretrude and Fredegunde. Some female names used in the 7th through 9th centuries are Hildegarde, Gisela and Rosamund. A few women’s names found in records from 13th and 14th century London are Petronilla, Leticia, Wymarka, Dyonisia and Felicia.