What Are Some Examples of Marketable Personal Skills?

One of the most marketable job skills for employees is interpersonal communication skills that help them negotiate and work well with teams. Other marketable skills include technology skills that help them learn, use and create job-related software and organizational skills that help them prioritize tasks and manage their time.

Communication skills are in high demand as workers may need to cooperate with team members in the office or in remote locations to complete their projects. Excellent listening ability, strong empathy, leadership skills and self-confidence all contribute to an employee's ability to work well with others.

Software and technology skills are also a marketable skill in the employment marketplace. Programming skills and knowledge of software-as-a-service programs can be especially valuable, as more and more businesses adopt software to execute their business processes. Employees with training and development skills can help others make the most of their technology resources as well.

Companies in a variety of fields have need for employees who can deliver a variety of projects on time and on budget. Prioritizing and tracking multiple projects, and in some cases managing their related schedules and budgets, are crucial elements for a business' success. Administrators who organize calendars and events for businesses and their executives need these skills as well.