What Are Examples of Life Accomplishments?


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Some examples of life accomplishments include running a marathon, quitting smoking, getting promoted, climbing a mountain or simply being a parent. A life accomplishment can be a personal or professional milestone that is reached or a deed or legacy that is left behind.

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In life, it is important to set goals for oneself, whether they are professional goals or personal goals. Setting goals can help give a sense of clarity as this provides specific milestones to work towards. It is also a good way to boost self-confidence as it allows the tracking of progress.

Short-term goals are objectives that can be accomplished in a short amount of time, and they should ideally lead to long-term goals. Long-term goals are the objectives that cannot be accomplished right away nor in a single step. Being able to accomplish a long-term goal is a life accomplishment in itself.

To help ensure that a set goal is accomplished, it is usually best to make sure that the goal being set is specific, attainable and relevant to the person setting it. This way, the goal-setter is capable of meeting the goal, knows when he has met the goal and feels rewarded for meeting the goal.

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