What Are Some Examples of Libertarian Beliefs?

Libertarians believe that individuals are rulers of their own lives and should not sacrifice their freedoms and values for other people’s benefits. They believe that the government should have less power than its people, and the rights of its people reign supreme. Also, people’s personal rights should not inhibit the rights of other people.

The Libertarian party believes governments historically have put the states rights and needs above an individual’s rights and needs with regulations and taxes. Along with this they believe in a free-market system where the economic system is impacted by free trade without the government’s interference.

Libertarians believe that individual should be able to make his own personal decisions regardless of what the government believes to be right. This includes individual decisions about a person’s body, the way a person expresses himself, a person’s privacy and a person’s personal relationships.

Libertarians believe self-defense is reasonable in the event that an individual’s rights to life, liberty and property are jeopardized, and this confirms the need for the Second Amendment. They also believe that crimes without victims should be eliminated, and crimes with victims should be the only enforceable crimes by law.

They believe in a free market health care system, privatized retirement without government interference including elimination of Social Security, a national defense system that is reactive and responds only to aggression against the United States and in holding a peace-filled role within the world unless a defensive maneuver is required.