What Are Examples of Inferences?

An inference is a conclusion or an idea that is based on evidence. An inference could also be called an educated guess. Using what is already known and gleaning clues from a situation results in a conclusion about what will happen next. That conclusion is known as an inference.

If a deer is seen running toward a interstate highway at the same time an 18-wheeler is coming, an inference may be made that the deer will be hit by the oncoming truck. If a table contains a cake decorated with candles and the inscription ?Happy Birthday, Jenna,? an inference may be made that someone named Jenna is having a birthday.

When watching a movie and the music gets suspenseful just as the actress starts down the stairs, an inference may be made that she is about to be attacked. When a child is seen with chocolate around his mouth and chocolate ice cream is in a puddle on the floor, an inference may be made that the child spilled the ice cream.

It is also possible to make a faulty inference. For example, in the inference about the ice cream, perhaps the child was eating the ice cream and his dog knocked the ice cream out of his hands. Inferences are made every day when using clues about situations to figure out what is happening.