What Are Examples of Illegal but Ethical Behavior?

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Behaviors that are illegal but are thought by many to be ethical include jaywalking, mixing food and paper waste, cheating taxes, spitting inside a city and driving over the speed limit. Although most people don’t consider these crimes to be particularly immoral when compared to other offenses, they are crimes nonetheless in the eyes of the law.

The acts that are committed may have no victim and may not even be traceable to the person who committed them, but they are crimes. It is important to recognize that not all moral things are legal, but it is also important to recognize that not all immoral things are illegal. For example, cheating on a spouse, telling a lie or breaking a verbal promise are not illegal, although many may see them as immoral actions, people cannot be legally punished or fined for committing these acts. These acts show the difference between legality and morality. When enough people think that an act is immoral, they will come together to try to create a law that forbids the act from legally occurring. If enough governmental officials have the same beliefs regarding the morality of the acts, they will push the law to be created.