What Are Some Examples of Great Black Sermons?


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An example of a great black sermon is "The Soul of the Black Church," delivered in 2003 in celebration of black history. Another example of a great black sermon is "Call Me Black," which a pastor delivered in South Carolina during Black History Month in 2011.

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The sermon "Call Me Black" discussed God's love for all people and referenced the scripture Amos 9:6-9:8. The pastor said that God made people of all colors in God's image and that blacks played an important role in God's Biblical salvation story. The pastor called on listeners to love like the black women in Song of Songs loved their betrothed.

In "The Soul of the Black Church," the pastor discussed the importance of prayer and faithfulness. The pastor discussed the book of Revelation and said that God watches over the black church. The pastor went on to say that members of the black church work hard for progress in the areas of education and civil rights. He called on black church members to keep a spirit of cooperation.

Another great black sermon, "The Door Is Open, You're Free to Go," made the point that because God offers redemption, blacks are not slaves to sin or to any human being. In that sermon, Pastor Talbert W. Swan II talked about Galatians 5:1 and how God's redemption freed man from slavery. He compared black slavery to the slavery of Jews in ancient Egypt.

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