What Are Some Examples of Gratis Services?


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Examples of gratis services include a range of services such as valet parking at a restaurant, Internet access at a hotel and even access to emergency health care and legal advice. A gratis service may be offered as part of an incentive to buy, part of a government program or offered as charity.

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Gratis services are services that are free to use. Common gratis services include free Wi-Fi on airplanes and in restaurants, public transportation, broadcast radio and television and free-to-play mobile apps and games.

Many gratis services are offered as part of a company's business model, as an attractor for potential consumers of for-profit goods and services. Examples of this include free hotel shuttle services, valet parking and distribution of samples. Casinos commonly offer free drinks and hotel rooms to high-gambling patrons to promote further gambling. Media companies distribute radio and television content for free to benefit from advertising revenue. Software and mobile application developers sometimes offer their programs for free in expectation that the consumer may buy paid upgrades or make in-app purchases.

Non-profit examples of gratis services include free contraception programs, medical services such as child wellness checkups and vaccinations, as well as pro bono legal advice and representation. Some taxpayer-funded public services include fire and police departments, military defense and emergency medical response. These types of gratis services also often include education, the postal service, use of public libraries, waste management and subsidized access to the public water supply.

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