What Are Some Examples of Geography Themes?

Location, place, human-environment interaction, movement and region are geography themes. Examples of location include absolute location such as a street address, or relative location which describes a place in relation to other places.

The place theme in geography describes the characteristics of a place that differentiates it from other places in the world. Examples of place descriptions include man-made developments and natural ones. Building construction, local culture, and terrain would all be included when discussing the place theme in geography.

Human-environment interaction relates to how people function in a given environment. How humans depend on the environment, how they alter the environment and how the environment alters humans are examples of human-environment interaction. Using natural resources is an example of dependency on the environment while building roads and deforestation illustrate how humans impact the environment.

Movement studies all the ways humans move from one place to another, transport goods, and share information. Study of movement includes the reasons people move from one place to another. Examples can include historical movements, such as the migration to California during the gold rush, or the study of modern people moving closer to family, to find a new career or escape religious or cultural persecution.

Region studies places that have unifying characteristics. Government and functional are examples of types of regions. Government regions have officially defined borders, such as countries and cities. Functional regions are areas marked for specific purposes such as school or congressional districts. A city may include several functional regions, and these regions may also extend between two cities.