What Are Some Examples of General Intercessions?


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Some examples of general intercessions include prayers for the needs of the world; for example, an intercessory prayer may request peace in war-torn lands. Another intercessory prayer may seek divine intervention in the local community, such as a prayer for those who are sick or suffering within a parish. General intercessions may also be directed toward problems that affect the general population, such as pollution, unemployment or homelessness.

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General intercessions, which are also known as the Prayers of the Faithful, follow a specific pattern. The first intercessory prayer focuses on the needs of the Catholic Church; this is followed by prayers for global leaders, the global community, the suffering and the local parish and community. One example of an intercession for the Catholic Church may be a prayer for the Church to work for justice throughout the world. Parishioners may also pray for the Church's local and global leaders during the general intercessions.

The second prayer, which focuses on political and business leaders, may request that those in power work toward building a society of fairness and peace. Parishioners may pray that world leaders work to protect the most vulnerable members of society, and to make laws that use the earth's resources wisely. The third intercessory prayer, which focuses on the world, may specifically mention an ongoing problem in a particular part of the world, such as a war or famine. It may also be a more general prayer for peace, justice and charity throughout the world.

Prayers for the suffering typically include the names of those who are seriously ill within the parish community. Parishioners may also offer a general intercession for those who are sick, homeless or hungry. The final intercession focuses on the needs of the local church and community.

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