What Are Some Examples of Fun Bible Lessons for Kids?


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Fun Bible lessons for kids include "The Great Flood," which teaches children about God's protection and the story of Noah and "The Angry Bee," which teaches the importance of obedience. Another lesson, "Abraham," tells the story of Abraham from the Bible.

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In "The Great Flood," children play with toy boats or make boats out of craft sticks. The children then listen to the story of Noah and the flood. Next, the children offer God thanks for love and protection.

The Bible lesson "The Angry Bee" tells the story of a child that disobeys his parent when the parent tells the child to stay away from a bee. The story then talks about Adam and Eve and man's sinful nature. The lesson invites children to ask God to forgive sin.

The "Abraham" lesson tells the story of how Abraham had a child even though he thought he and his wife couldn't have children because of their advanced age. The story says that God promised Abraham children because he served God faithfully with his life. The Bible lesson then asks children if they live faithfully for God. The lesson includes a scripture verse to memorize and a song.

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