What Are Some Examples of Famous Sayings From Church Signs?

What Are Some Examples of Famous Sayings From Church Signs?

Some famous sayings from church signs are: "To Be Almost Saved Is to Be Totally Lost," "Church Shopping? We're Open Sundays," "If God Is Your Co-pilot, Switch Seats" and "God Wants Full Custody, Not Just Weekend Visits." Others include "Without Jesus, There Would Be Hell to Pay" and "Forbidden Fruit Creates Many Jams." Those interested can view more church signs in "Church Signs Across America," the 2007 coffee table book by Steve and Pam Paulson.

"Seven Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak" is a pun on the word "week," once posted by the Calvary Chapel of Venice in Nokomis, Florida. It is one of many branches of Calvary Chapel, which operates three Bible colleges and a university, as of 2016.

"This Church Is Prayer-Conditioned" is a comical church sign written by the Twin City Baptist Temple in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. It is run by pastor Gary Moritz, who its website describes as "a down-to-earth communicator."

"Today Is a Gift From God, That Is Why It Is Called the Present" was posted by Bread of Life Ministries. It has many chapters, including in Nova Scotia, the Philippines, and Augusta, Maine.

"If You Don't Like the Way You Were Born, Try Being Born Again" is a saying posted by New Home Missionary Baptist Church. Its chapters are located in Southfield, Pontiac, and Wayne, Michigan.