What Are Examples of Family Values?

Family values have been defined as the lessons parents teach their children about what is important and valued in the family, such as good morals and self-discipline. Although each family is different, other popular family values are honesty, good self-esteem, kindness, good manners and a strong work ethic.

Although outlooks are gradually changing, many of the values parents want to impart to their children remain the same, and many parents today consider religion or spirituality an important aspect of raising their child. Most Americans believe in religion as the bedrock for providing children with a moral foundation, and over half of Americans belong to an organized religion; however, of those who belong, less than 30 percent attend services weekly.

American families also value diversity. Here, parents are practicing what they preach, since a vast majority report spending time socializing with members of a different race, religion or ethnicity. However, when “family values” are mentioned in the context of American politics, people’s perception of what is meant by the term appears to shift. The family unit, marriage, morals, integrity and religion still come to mind, but so do political issues such as abortion, health care, gay rights issues and taxes.