What Are Some Examples of Ethnocentrism in America?

Some examples of ethnocentrism in America are seen in hate crimes, entertainment, and in American society and rhetoric. Ethnocentrism refers to believing one's personal racial, cultural or religious belief is superior to another's.

An example of ethnocentrism in America can be seen by the actions of Dylan Roof. Roof is a mass murderer suspected of killing nine African Americans at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Roof killed those black individuals because he believed his race is far superior to theirs.

Ethnocentrism is also seen in movies such as "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." The movie suggests that Greek culture is better and more fulfilling than other cultures, though this is done so in a light-hearted comedic manner.

Ethnocentrism is also prevalent in American society because some Americans believe that American culture and society are the greatest in the world and trump all other cultures.