What Are Some Examples of Educational Technology?

Computer-assisted instruction and XO laptops are some examples of educational technology. Websites and social media are also examples of educational technology. They present a new way to use the existing teaching tools.

Computer-assisted instruction enables instructors to focus their attention on students who are having the most difficulty. Meanwhile, the rest of the students in the class can go through their lessons at a pace that is comfortable for them. The technique’s purpose is to increase classroom efficiency and allow students to receive one-on-one attention in large classrooms. Computer-assisted instruction has developed slowly because previously each school district offered its own instructional content for each grade level. The implementation of Common Core State Standards has contributed to the rapid adoption of this technology across the United States.

The XO laptop is completely open-source. Device users can start by learning basic lessons in writing, reading and arithmetic. Students can eventually reconfigure the laptop in a way that meets their needs. This technology aims to promote local creation of information technology infrastructure and helps learners build job skills that they can trade on global markets.

Social media and websites connect students, parents and educators. The technology enables teachers and parents to keep in touch about classroom assignments and events. Some teachers use this technology to develop homework blogs, student blogs or classroom websites. They also use Pinterest to create education-related boards. These technologies facilitate communications between the school and other members of the local community.