What Are Some Examples of Easy Sermons to Preach?

SermonCentral.com provides the text of numerous sermons categorized by denomination so that the user can find sermons that match his theology. In addition, the sermon outline and manuscript are provided so that the sermon can be read or preached by others.

One example comes from a Baptist who preached from John 6. He begins with a short story about a young man who couldn't discern whether his friend was saying "heard of Buffalo" or "herd of Buffalo" to illustrate the difficulty of understanding the words of Jesus. The preacher then navigates through the chapter in John while identifying the events that occurred after the difficult words Jesus spoke. He says there was a disruption, a description, a desertion, a determination, a declaration and a deterioration. He explains the Bible so that his readers can understand how important it is to follow Jesus, even when it is difficult.

Another example comes from a Lutheran preacher who spoke about the necessity of strong marital relationships. He begins with numerous questions to the audience about the strength of their personal relationships before he steers them through II Corinthians 13. The preacher identifies the purpose of his sermon as encouraging believers to trust the Holy Spirit and seek the grace that comes through Bible reading and the sacraments.