What Are Examples of Different Ethics in the Hospitality Industry?

Some ethical principles in the hospitality industry include being trustworthy, respectful to others, being accountable, being fair to all, being loyal and maintaining integrity. These are some of the most important principles to aspire to in the hospitality industry.

Ethical principles not only help in creating a professional organization, they also help in winning consumer confidence and respect. Below are some ethical principles and what they entail.

  • Trustworthiness — this principle entails being able to be trusted with client valuables. There are certain times when clients may leave things like laptops, money and sentimental items in a room or vehicle and it is upon the employee to ensure these things are safe.
  • Respect — some clients may be very rich while others may not be so privileged. Instead of showing partiality, it is upon those working in the industry to remain respectful regardless of the client's status.
  • Accountability — being able to give a clear and concise record of expenses is an important ethical principle. It helps in fostering better relationships within the workplace.
  • Fairness — it is quite encouraging for employees to know that they are being treated fairly regardless of their position within the organization.
  • Reputation — protecting the reputation of the organization by working professionally is highly encouraged. Safeguarding delicate organizational matters is also a desirable trait.