What Are Examples of Creative Usernames?

Some examples of creative usernames include HelloFromtheOtherSide, ManyMumblingMice, L33T94m3r, BetterThanBeckham and FarmageddonCarl. These usernames provide creative examples in the areas of music, literature, gaming, sports and popular Internet references.

There are many ways to come up with a creative and unique username. To ensure that a username is both fitting and unique, the creator can add a personal flair and use software to check the originality of the chosen name.

When creating a new username, the person creating it should keep a few things in mind. First, some of the most original usernames are derived from something the creator loves or loves to do, such as sports, video games, reading, movies or art. Second, usernames should never be too lengthy. Certain platforms only allow chosen usernames to be a certain length. Third, usernames should never contain too much personal information. JohnSmith09071998 would not be a good username because it includes the user’s full name and birth date. Fourth, “Leetspeak” can turn a popular username into something original. Gamer_Girl might be already taken, but 94m3r_91rL may not be.

Users can easily check the availability of usernames on knowem.com. The site checks the availability of chosen usernames across 25 different social media sites, as well as checking whether the name falls into the character limit of each site.