What Are Some Examples of Church Trustee Guides?

"The Trustee's Manual: 10 Rules for Church Leaders" is an example of a Church Trustee guide. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, and its positive reviews note that it provides an adequate description of the duties of a Church Trustee; many reviewers indicated that it helped them transition into the Trustee role. More specific Church Trustee guides are available through individual churches. North Haven Congregational Church displays a download of their Treasurer and Trustee handbook on their website.

Church Trustees are responsible for the maintenance of church property and the decision making processes regarding said property. Those who have experience in administration and enjoy servanthood and evangelism, as well as the ability to work with individuals of different backgrounds and work alongside ministry leaders.

Church Trustees have a place on the Board of Trustees, which appropriates church donations into trusts and endowment projects. They are responsible for the updating of the Articles of Incorporation, inspecting church buildings and grounds to determine if improvements are needed, maintaining property and liability insurance in the name of the church and developing a budget to cover any future maintenance issues or the purchase of additional property. Additionally, Church Trustees are charged with upholding the church's mission and vision whilst completing their duties.