What Are Some Examples of Church Bylaws?


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Statements of denomination, budget policies, and policies regarding the hiring and termination of pastors are key examples of important church bylaws. The statement of denomination gives structure to the community's principal beliefs and tenets. Bylaws also frequently identify the dates of important meetings, such as a semi-annual congregation meeting being held no later than April, for example.

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Bylaws can cover an enormous swath of issues, from the precisely theological to the extremely practical. For instance, bylaws can articulate how often Communion is served and specific interpretations of Scripture, or they can outline job descriptions for church officers and how much is spent on missionary efforts. Bylaws are also particularly important whenever rules of voting or election apply to church decisions.

Bylaws are an important mechanism when it comes to the church's relationship with civil authorities. For example, if a church maintains a belief that is at odds with a civil standard, such as the refusal to perform a same-sex wedding, the church can appeal to the principal of religious freedom in denying that service, but only if that belief or practice is explicitly stated in the bylaws. If not, and the church behaves in a way that civil authorities deem discriminatory, courts can then take action against the church.

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