What Are Examples of Character Strengths and Weaknesses?

Typically, a person’s most prevalent character or personality traits express themselves as both strengths and corresponding weaknesses at the same time. For instance, someone with strong analytical and thinking skills may ignore his feelings or instincts when making decisions. Understanding how strengths and weaknesses counteract each other can help people to find personal balance as well as create a favorable impression in a business environment.

According to Peter Urs Bender’s personality type analysis, analytical personalities tend to be thorough and disciplined. However, these strengths also express themselves as the weaknesses of perfectionism or being too rigid and demanding of others.

The character type that Bender calls the “driver” focuses on achievement and shows the strengths of being decisive, determined and independent. However, such a person also has a tendency to be domineering and often does not work well with other people or bother to see issues from others’ perspectives.

Some people show the strong positive character strengths of being diplomatic, patient and supportive, and they are able to get along with others easily. The corresponding weaknesses of this character type are the tendencies to conform to what others want, to let tasks slide without ever completing them and to fail to be assertive when it is required.

Expressive people are typically enthusiastic and imaginative types who are effective communicators. Their character weaknesses show when they come on too strongly, talk too much or get caught up in dreams without being realistic.