What Is an Example of a Welcome Letter to a New Neighbor?

A welcome letter to a new neighbor helps break the ice and informs or reminds newcomers of neighborhood rules. The letter should include information on the makeup of the neighborhood and have details on speed limits, parking, noise or other regulations the neighborhood association or letter writer deems important.

A welcome letter opens communication channels and familiarizes new residents on the philosophy of a neighborhood. In a sample welcome letter posted by the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, the first sentence of the letter says, “Welcome to the neighborhood!” The first paragraph goes on to express enthusiasm for living in the neighborhood and explains some benefits of living there, such as neighbors who help one another. It also gives a glimpse into the residents, who include young adults in school, established families and new families with small children.

The letter introduces neighborhood norms by explaining that they benefit everyone. The letter urges residents to remind their guests to observe the 25-mph speed limit because of the children in the neighborhood. It also asks newcomers to observe parking niceties such as not blocking driveways and parking with vehicles facing the proper direction. The letter also asks new residents to keep their homes and yards looking nice and gives an applicable city code about weed growth. It also discusses noise and closes with another sentiment of welcome.