What Is an Example of Sociological Perspective?


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An example of sociological perspective is the manner in which an individual's behavior can be altered by their presence in a crowd attending a football game. An individual's perception of what constitutes acceptable behavior and a suitable response to authority can be significantly altered by the actions and demeanor of the surrounding crowd and the immediate circumstances. Social psychologists believe that environmental cues and social context play an important role in determining thought processes and behavior.

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Sociocultural perspective theory seeks to explain how factors such as culture, gender, upbringing, economic level and social circumstances shape mental processes and affect interactions between individuals and groups. Both immediate circumstances and past experiences can play a role in determining perceptions and behavioral responses. Research and applied findings based on sociocultural perspective theory have been used in areas such as education, marketing and workplace motivation.

Sociocultural factors can affect an individual's perception of both health care and the risk of disease. The differences between the culturally and sociologically ingrained perceptions of various ethnic and immigration groups, rural and urban populations and dissimilar levels of economic status account for some of the disparities between overall health and mortality rates. Social and cultural factors have been shown to play a role in disease prevention and vulnerability, the effectiveness of promotions designed to raise health-risk awareness and how individuals respond to symptom discoveries.

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