What Is an Example of Social Injustice in the World Today?

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One social injustice is the issue of women in Middle Eastern countries, many of whom do not have the same rights as men. These women are often treated as property and have no rights whatsoever.

Examples of social injustice can be anything that discriminates against a person or group of people based on a prejudice or stereotype. Social injustice can happen because of someone’s sex, religious beliefs, social standing or race.

Another example of social injustice is the issue of gay marriage where people of the same sex who love one another are not allowed to wed and share a life together because they are the same gender. Social injustice takes many forms, such as the injustice of 1 percent of America’s population holding the majority of the wealth in the country.

National Geographic reports how in India there is mass social injustice concerning the caste system, which is still in place today. Certain people are thought of as untouchables, otherwise known as dalitas, and are not given work other than the most menial jobs and are often beaten or publicly humiliated, even killed. The website Gendercide Watch states that in China babies unlucky enough to be born as girls are sometimes killed or left in parks or other public places.