What Is an Example of a Short Baptist Sermon?


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An example of a short Baptist sermon is "God Bless America, Land that I Love!" The main talking points in this sermon are opinions on the past, present and future of Christianity in America, with an emphasis on how God expects much from America, because God gave much to America.

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Another example of a short Baptist sermon is "Emulate the Love of God." This sermon preaches that Christians should try to love as God does, which is tough love that looks out for someone's own good, tender love that cares and understands, trustworthy love that keeps promises, and triumphant love that never fails.

Another example of a short Baptist sermon is by Cooper Abrams entitled "The Role of Satan in the Millennium and his Coming Destruction." This sermon tells Christians that Satan and his demons are real entities that cause all sin, and whose main purpose is in deceiving people into believing Satan's lies. The sermon also states that during the Millennium, Satan and his minions will be locked away for 1000 years, after which he will be let out. Then, Satan and his demons will tempt the majority of mankind into destruction. In the end though, this sermon tells its listeners that Satan will be destroyed once and for all by fire from Heaven.

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