What Is an Example of a Non-Denominational Prayer Suitable for Cancer Patients?


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An example of a nondenominational prayer suitable for cancer patients is a prayer that requests strength, understanding or assistance but does not address a specific deity. Prayer can also take on other forms, such as a moment of silence.

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Although prayer cannot help a cancer patient fight or recover from the disease, it can provide comfort during treatment and help the patient cope with the illness, according to the American Cancer Society. There is no scientific evidence that prayer can promote health or reduce complications, but it may help patients find some meaning in life. It can also help terminal patients accept the realities of their illness.

Prayer plays a big role in traditional organized religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. However, patients and their loved ones do not need to belong to a formal religion to practice prayer. They can offer verbal or silent prayers in an individual or group setting that do not address a higher power and instead focus on the issue at hand. They can pray at any time of day and in any location.

Patients and their families can also practice spirituality in other ways, such as meditation, practicing gratitude, engaging in a creative project, doing volunteer work or spending time in nature.

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