What Is an Example of a California Psychological Inventory Question?

An example of a California Psychological Inventory question is "Do you tease animals?" The California Psychological Inventory, or CPI, test is always used to assess leadership and evaluate the abilities of a person. The test is also used in academic research to help in studying gifted students and minority students for children who are 13 years and above.

The CPI test consists of two set of questions. The first set is usually timed and the most current edition of this set has 434 true or false questions. It takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete. The second set of questions is untimed and has a total of 260 true or false questions. This test is used for people who have attained the working age, usually 15 years and older. It takes up to 30 minutes for a person to complete this test.

There are 20 scales which can be used to score the CPI test, including socialization, sociability, well-being, empathy, tolerance, communality, independence, social presence, dominance, capacity for status, flexibility, good impression among others. These scales are usually rated according to self-realization, acceptance of norms and introversion. The CPI test has been used in different fields, including education, industrial psychology and education. It helps employees to measure the talent of specific applicants during recruiting.