What Is an Example of Assimilation?

Cultural assimilation is the most popular type of assimilation and an example of this is when a person immigrates to a country and adopts its customs. Color assimilation, biological assimilation and religious assimilation are other less common examples.

A broad definition of assimilation is when two separate items, each with different and unique characteristics, come together and blend. Usually, one of these items changes to become more like the other one. Sometimes, however, the items will both change and meet somewhere in the middle.

When a person moves to a new country, or sometimes even a new state, he or she may make changes in order to blend in with their new community. This is referred to as cultural assimilation. Color assimilation is often used to help people understand the general concept. Blending two different colors to make a new one is an example of color assimilation. Biological assimilation is when two biological processes are combined to provide cells with energy. In humans, this happens when food is physically broken down through chewing, then chemically broken down through enzymes and acids. Religious assimilation has close ties with cultural assimilation. A good example of this type of assimilation is the blending of Pagan traditions with modern Christian ones, such as Christmas and Easter.