What Evidence Do Creationists Offer As Proof That God Created the Universe?


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Some proofs creationists offer that God created the universe are proteins never form outside of living cells, only left-handed amino acids can link together to make proteins, and any slight change in the complex, three-dimensional folding of a protein will result in disease rather than functionality. Other evidence cited by creationists is the Big Bang Theory. It claims the universe came into being at an exact, specific time in the past and sprang from nothing, which parallels Genesis.

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In 1953, an experiment was done using gases and an electric spark such that, when the spark passed through the gases, amino acids were formed. Using this experiment, the theory that life arose from a gaseous mixture and a lightening strike was put forward. Creationists cite this experimental basis as false, as the amino acids formed from the experiment were a mix of left- and right-handed amino acids, and only left-handed amino acids link together in nature to form proteins. Creationists use this as scientific evidence that life could not form without a creator, that abiogenesis is impossible.

Some creationists cite evidence that God himself claimed to make light, the earth, all life and the universe. They say he proved this by the documented life and incarnation of Jesus Christ, who claimed to be God.

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