How Do You Get Even With a Narcissist?

Displaying a lack of attention or adulation towards an individual who possesses narcissistic characteristics is one short term method which can be utilized to get back at such a person. A longer term method would be to publicly present the narcissist with psychiatric treatment solutions for their personality disorder.

Narcissism is a personality disorder and common traits of someone with this mental illness are: an overestimated sense of their own importance in relation to other people, a constant need for attention from others and a lack of an empathetic nature, according to Mayo Clinic. A narcissistic person has difficulty when responding to criticism and reacts with anger or insults in order to retain their feelings of superiority.

An appearance of confidence displays on the surface of a narcissistic person, but internally it is common for a narcissistic person to harbor feelings of shame, sadness and insecurity, according to Mayo Clinic. Hereditary, self-reflection and social factors such as negative role models are reasons some people develop a narcissistic personality, according to

Learning to consider the needs of others more and participating in group settings, in addition to psychotherapy can be helpful in aiding a person with narcissistic personality disorder to relate to other people. This is believed to help guiding a narcissistic person's main focus away from themselves, according to