What Is the Etiquette for Giving Money As a Gift?

When giving money as a gift, general etiquette includes giving $100 to $200 per person as a wedding gift, giving between $15 and $50 for a high school graduation of a close friend or family member, and avoiding giving monetary gifts to a significant other. You should generally avoid giving cash gift to close friends and family members with the exception of big life events such as graduations and weddings.

Give an amount you feel is appropriate for the occasion, but never give so much that it strains your budget. When deciding how much to give as a wedding gift, keep in mind that the amount should at least cover the price of the reception dinner, with $100 as a generally accepted minimum. The appropriate gift for most modern weddings is between $150 to $200 per person attending, but this may vary depending on your relationship with the couple.

Cash gifts are not an obligation if you receive a graduation announcement, although sending a card of congratulations is proper etiquette. However, a gift is appropriate if you are invited to the ceremony. Gifts of $50 to $100 are appropriate for both high school and college graduations, but relatives can consider giving $20 to $50, while close friends should aim for $15 to $50.