What Does the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Believe In?

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church believes in salvation, baptism, confirmation, the Trinity and resurrection of the dead. It also believes that God is the only eternal being that is beyond space and time.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is unique from other Christian churches because it strongly emphasizes certain old testament laws, such as exorcisms and dietary restrictions on pork and other non-kosher foods.

The church commissions priests to perform exorcisms on behalf of those afflicted by demons, and it expects all worshipers to remove their shoes before entering the church.

During church services, women sit separate from men and should not enter the church during the menstruation period. Only priests enter the inner sanctuary of the church, which contains an ark dedicated to the patron saint. Holy Communion is ideally for young children and the elderly. The church uses local dialect for sermons and communication, but it performs all liturgy activities in the Ge'ez language.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church administers seven sacraments or holy ordinances, including baptism, penance, confirmation, holy communion, matrimony, holy orders and unction of the sick. It emphasizes observing the 10 commandments and the six parables narrated in the Gospel of Matthew. Baptized members who are older than 7 strictly participate in fasting activities, during which members avoid consuming meat and animal products and also refrain from sexual activities.