What Do Eskimos Eat in the Winter?

The Eskimos, or Inuits, are known for hunting. Their diet consists of whales, seals, polar bears and caribou. Mostly they hunt fish and mammals. Vegetables aren't a central part of their diet because vegetation in the area isn't abundant.

While the Eskimos are able to hunt food all year round, they do encounter difficulties in the winter season, as the thick ice and snow become a hindrance for them. Despite the hardships however, they are still able to find ways to pursue hunting. During the winter they mostly hunt caribou and seals, and sometimes go ice fishing. Seals are the main source of food, and are especially useful for their blubber and skins as well. These are used for their boats, clothing, tents, harpoon lines and as fuel to generate heat and light.

The ringed seal is popular among the Eskimos since it is available to them throughout the year. The Eskimos are very resourceful when it comes to consuming the animals they hunt. They have several ways of preparing meat and fish such as cooking, drying or freezing to preserve it for later consumption, and they sometimes consume it raw. They also use the animal skin, which they turn into blankets, garments and other things that they can use in their everyday lives.

When fishing, Eskimos cast their lines into holes in the ice. In the summer, they like to use kayaks for fishing. Though fishing is a common way for them to get food, they still hunt and consume more mammals, because not only do mammals serve as food, but they can also utilize the remains in more ways than one.