What Equipment Do I Need to Convert a Hi8 Tape to DVD?

A Hi8 camera and a standalone DVD recorder or a computer with a video-capture card and video capture software, along with audio-video or S-video cables and a blank DVD, are needed to convert a Hi8 tape to DVD. To convert only a portion of the Hi8 tape using a standalone DVD recorder, an audio/video system is needed in order to monitor the video as it records.

In order to record an entire Hi8 tape to DVD using a standalone DVD recorder, rewind the Hi8 tape to the beginning. Connect the Hi8 camera to the DVD recorder using the audio-video or S-video cables, load a blank DVD into the recorder, then press “play” on the camcorder and “record” on the DVD recorder. When the Hi8 tape is recorded, hit “stop” on the DVD recorder. To record only a portion of the tape, cue the tape to the beginning of the segment before hitting “play” and “record”. When transferring with a computer, connect the Hi8 camera using audio-video or S-video cables, and insert a blank DVD. Open the video capture software, and either edit the video using the software or record the Hi8 tape in its entirety to DVD. Free video capture software is available for both Mac and PC computers, according to RadioShack.