How Do You Enter Second Chance Lottery Drawings?

The exact process for entering in a Second Chance lottery drawing varies by state, though many require players to register with the gaming board to enter codes and participate in the drawings. Creating an account grants access to an online portal for entering drawings and viewing results.

Most states that feature scratch tickets as part of the lottery system operate a Second Chance drawing, which gives players one additional chance to win money after purchasing a losing ticket. As each state maintains its own lottery, you need to find your state’s lottery website and follow the instructions for creating an account. This typically includes submitting a valid email address and creating a password, along with providing personal information to verify that you are of the legal age to participate in the lottery.

After signing into the account, you can view the dates for different Second Chance drawing and enter into any drawings with a valid entry date. To enter a drawing, locate a Second Chance code on the scratch ticket, and enter it into the appropriate fields on the website. Some state’s may format the code differently or require additional information to complete the entry process. Once the drawing takes place, winners appear on the site along with the date and time of the next drawing.