What Is ENO Fruit Salt?

Eno’s Fruit Salt is an antacid, according to distributor Brands of India. It comes as a powder to be mixed with water and then consumed to relieve gastric discomfort, heartburn, bloating and stomach upset. Eno’s Fruit Salt contains sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and sodium carbonate. It comes in regular and various fruit flavors.

Eno’s Fruit Salt has been on the market since the 1850s, reports The Quack Doctor. It has been sold as a remedy for stomach upset and gastric overindulgence since its creation. However, originally it had a slightly different composition, containing sodicum bicarbonate, tartaric acid and sodium bitartrate. It is currently manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and is sold in large quantities worldwide, particularly in India. It is commonly used in Indian cooking as a leavening agent, similar in use to regular baking soda.

Preety’s Kitchen provides a number of Indian food recipes that use Eno’s Fruit Salt as the leavening agent.

GlaxoSmithKline also markets a cola under the Eno’s Fruit Salt name, says the Hindu Business Line. Unlike most colas, the product is sold as a powder to be mixed with water before consumption, mirroring the way Eno’s Fruit Salt has always been sold. The Eno’s Fruit Salt cola is sold as an ayurvedic proprietary medicine in India.