What Are the Engine Specs for a Dodge 4.7 Liter?

The Dodge New Generation 4.7-liter engine is a V-8 engine that produces 230 horsepower in most versions produced between 1999 and 2007. This engine is notable as Dodge’s first new V8 design since the 1960s and the first engine from the company to incorporate aluminium cylinder heads and other lightweight technologies. The Dodge 4.7-liter engine uses a chain-driven single overhead cam design with two valves per cylinder and sequential multiport fuel injection.

The Dodge 4.7-liter engine has more overall displacement than the previous-generation 273 small-block V-8 produced by the company. However, it has a smaller bore size of 4.09 inches compared to the previous engine’s 4.46 inches. The larger displacement of the 4.7-liter largely came from its longer stroke length of 3.4 inches, as opposed to 3.31 inches in the 273 engine. The pistons of the New Generation engine are aluminum, which reduces weight along with the magnesium valve covers and plastic intake manifold.

The Dodge 4.7-liter engine produced a peak 290 foot-pounds of torque in most applications from 1999 to 2007. The engine was upgraded in 2008, with subsequent models producing 290 horsepower and 320 foot-pounds of torque. The second-generation engine was similar in many other respects to the 1999 version of the engine, though the new engine’s compression ratio was increased to 9.8:1, as opposed to 9.5:1 in the older version.