How Do Employees Use the UPSer Portal?

Employees of United Parcel Service, or UPSers, can log in to the UPSer portal with their employee ID and password to access online tools and functions that they need to do their jobs efficiently. Each employee has an individualized account and a personalized page geared to helping him accomplish his designated tasks quicker and more professionally.

Upon entering his employee ID and password, an employee can select his preferred language and log in to the UPSer portal. The displayed tools and programs are personalized for each specific employee’s tasks and duties, designed to help employees fulfill their obligations as delineated in the UPS employee handbook. Through the portal, employees can access salary and wage information, control options in their benefits programs and fulfill other tasks as mandated by the UPS personnel department. As of 2015, the UPSer portal is mobile-friendly and offered in 15 languages.

UPS developed the UPSers website for its employees in 2003, and the company has regularly updated the portal with useful developments. Beyond providing its more than 400,000 employees a way to manage their careers at UPS, the company also uses the UPSer portal to disseminate current news and essential updates about company policy, development and opportunities.