How Is Employee Productivity Measured?


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Employee productivity can be measured through employee surveys, management evaluations and performance monitoring. Productivity tracking can also be done by following the gamification model originally designed for marketing, which can also be used in worker performance tracking.

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Employers include employee input when developing methods of tracking productivity. Creating surveys to determine the level of engagement for each employee measures whether employee performance remains consistent with job satisfaction. In addition to employee input, managers can rate employees according to an established performance metric. For instance, employees can be rated on a scale of poor to outstanding in several categories. Another option is to set up a system that automatically records employee actions electronically. All information collected from various sources produces measurable data over the short term and long term.

Gamification is a gaming measurement that translates well to the realm of employee tracking. The five measurements of gamification are recency, frequency, duration, virality and rating. These metrics can be turned into data that can reveal the length of time employees remain productive during the day or the frequency for which certain tasks are performed. Employers can save time when creating a tracking system by including existing employee data in tracking measurements.

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