What Are Some Emotional Differences Between Men and Women?


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Some emotional differences between men and women are that women usually have a greater need for emotionally stability, while men often crave excitement and change. Some common stereotypes about the differences between men and women include that men express emotion poorly, and women's emotions affect their hormones and blood pressure.

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Women often have a greater need for emotional stability because they bear responsibility for having and raising children. Common stereotypes say that women invest more emotionally in the home, so they care more about the home's organization. Some say that a woman is likely more upset by changes in household routines and daily problems than a man.

Other emotional differences between men and women are that men express emotions with more reservation than women. Some say that men more often respond to emotional situations with rage or violence. Women use more of the brain's white matter for brain functioning than men use, and men use more gray matter than women use, explains Psychology Today. For this reason, women transition between tasks faster and with less difficulty than men.

Psychologists also say that women often have larger hippocampus portions of the brain that contribute additional and intense emotional processing and sensory perception. Women use non-verbal cues to communicate more often than men. Men more often use words to communicate their thoughts and feelings, while women use more subtle cues such as tone of voice and body language.

The section of the brain responsible for language processing is larger in women than in men, and that may explain women's tendency towards verbal perception. Gender-specific hormones such as testosterone and estrogen also affect brain functioning, creating differences between emotional processing of men and women.

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