What Are Some Emotional Characteristics of a Male Pisces?


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Male Pisces are very emotional, sensitive, creative and caring. Male Pisces are also romantic, generous and compassionate and go out of their way for their loved ones. These individuals are more likely to reason with their hearts instead of their minds. Pisces men tend not judge by outward appearances, but instead analyze an individual's soul. Male Pisces are one of the deepest and most sensitive of the zodiac signs, often seen as trusted friends.

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The Pisces man needs a strong woman to help him make decisions because he tends to be very indecisive. Male Pisces prefer the company of optimistic people because they feed off the energy of others around them. These individuals believe that the best way to find inner peace is through selflessness and generosity. Because of this, they are not confrontational and prefer to avoid efforts that waste energy.

Male Pisces are great lovers for most other zodiac signs, but they are compatible with very few zodiac signs. Because of the Pisces' individual character traits, they are easy to manipulate, which may lead other people to take advantage of them. Male Pisces often choose careers in business or the arts or in fields that allow them to be emotional healers.

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