When You Email “Fox and Friends,” Will You Get a Response?

As of 2015, fans are allowed to email “Fox and Friends” but are not guaranteed a response. By visiting the show’s official website, users can submit a question about the show or even about available job openings. Fox encourages its audience to also send in feedback regarding its television programming. Fans have the option to voice opinions either by phone or email. By visiting Foxnews.com, fans can view an email list of other various FOX News television programs.

Foxnewsinsider.com also provides fans with Fox News show updates and allows fans join discussions with others. The website also provides updates on show hosts and correspondents. Another way to stay updated with “Fox and Friends” is by following them on various social media outlets. Some of the show’s hosts also have official Twitter pages that fans can follow.

“Fox and Friends” is an American morning news and talk show that broadcasts on the Fox News Channel. The show features the latest news headlines along with a variety of segments. “Fox and Friends” broadcasts in New York City and approximately runs for 180 minutes. Over the years, the show has become one of the most successful shows on the network. In 2014, the show managed to maintain an average over 10 million viewers.