What Elements Should Be Included in a Wedding Toast by a Father?

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Elements that should be included in a wedding toast by a father are the introduction, the welcome, a story about the bride, an anecdote about the groom, parting wisdom and a toast. A father’s toast should have elements of humor as well of notes of sincere best wishes.

In the introduction, the father should stand to gather the attention of the attendees, introduce himself and thank the guests for attending the wedding.

To formally welcome the guests, the father should explain his relationship to the bride and groom and introduce and welcome the bride’s mother as well as the groom’s parents to the event. Here, the father should also welcome the groom and his family to that of the bride’s.

The wedding toast should then be followed with a short sentiment about each of the newlyweds. It is appropriate to mention funny anecdotes about them or recall moments in their lives when the father was particularly proud of them. It is also acceptable to discuss how happy the father is that the bride and groom have found one another.

The father then is expected to share some parting wisdom for the couple regarding marriage and living a happy life.

To close, the father should raise and glass and toast to the happiness of the bride and groom.