Who Makes Electrolux Appliances?

Electrolux appliances are manufactured by the Electrolux Group, a company that specializes in home and professional appliances. Much of the manufacturing process is managed by Electrolux, including construction and design. Electrolux’s manufacturing centers include Memphis, Tenn., Kinston, N.C., St. Cloud, Minn., and Anderson, S.C.

The location where an Electrolux appliance is manufactured is determined by what type of appliance it is. Dishwashers are manufactured in Kinston, N.C., while freezers are manufactured in St. Cloud, Minn. Manufacturing designs are influenced by consumer research and customer input. Customer engagement is managed by an Electrolux center located in August, Ga. Many Electrolux appliances are designed in Charlotte, N.C. Charlotte is also the North American headquarters for Electrolux.